What is the Best Country in the World (2020 Edition)

What is the Best Country in the World
What is the Best Country in the World
I'm writing regarding completely different countries within the world. And verify that country is the best within the world. I analyzed various factors, like “Environment”, “Economy”, and “Education” to conclude that is that the best country within the world. I used a similar technique of study and conclusion in it. And thereon note, let's start!

1. The Human Development Index (HDI)

The Human Development Index
The Human Development Index

The first criterion to notice is HDI, the Human Development Index. It primarily measures 3 main criteria “The life expectancy”, “Education level”, and “Income of a median person in a very country”. These are a number of the foremost necessary tools to understand if a rustic is developed, developing or underdeveloped.

United Nations Development Program releases somebody's Development report per annum with yearly HDI rankings. within the 2019 rankings, “Norway” flat-topped this list.

After which, “Switzerland”, “Ireland”, “Germany”, “Hong Kong, China (SAR) ”, “Australia”, “Iceland”, “Sweden”, “Singapore” and “Netherlands” follow at the next 10 rankings. [1] The First 50 countries on the list are classified as developed countries.

2. Unemployment Rates

Unemployment Rates
Unemployment Rates

The second criterion area unit unemployment and also the country that has a rock bottom rate of unemployment is “Cambodia”. Only 0.3% of the population is unemployed in “Cambodia”.

Qatar”, “Belarus”, “Thailand”, “Laos”, “Papua New Guinea”, “Singapore”, “United Arab Emirates”, “Cuba”, “Tajikistan”, “Bhutan”, and “Iceland” fill the next spots. All these countries have less than a 2.7% rate of unemployment. [2]

These rankings, however, don't seem to be terribly credible as a result of each country classifies unemployment in their own manner. plenty of the countries that have topped this list area unit poor and have managed to try to to therefore by concealing underemployment in employment rates.

The United States of America ranks with an associate unemployment rate of 4.7%. we'd like to stay in mind that developed countries have in place. A welfare system that usually means associate nonworkers can receive cash and different advantages from the state.

However, this is often not the case for poor countries wherever the poor need to realize work and earn cash to be ready to eat food and to survive as they need nothing to rely on. This makes the unemployment rankings a small amount unreliable that is why we tend to should not be too centered thereon.

3. Nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

World GDP Ranking
World GDP Ranking

The third criterion area unit the Nominal Gross Domestic Product. The “United States” tops this list with a Gross Domestic Product of 21,439+ billion dollars. After this, “China”, “Japan”, “German”, “India”, “United Kingdom”, “France”, “Italy”, “Brazil”, and “Canada” follow. [3]

However, we have a tendency to all ought to detain mind that the Gross Domestic Product is tormented by the population of the country. a giant population typically inflates Gross Domestic Product which implies gross domestic product numbers area unit typically useless.

The ranking that matters is that the gross domestic product per person of a country. once the full population is split by the full gross domestic product of the country.

4. GDP per Capita

GDP per Capita
GDP per Capita

Thus, gross domestic product per capita rankings area unit rather more necessary here. within the 2019 rankings, “Luxembourg” tops this list. this is often a little country in Europe. After this, “Switzerland”, “Macao SAR”, “Norway”, “Iceland”, “Qatar”, “Ireland” and, “United States” follow. [4] Nominal GDP and GDP per capita are calculated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

5. Sex Ratio

Sex Ratio
Sex Ratio

The next criteria are not that necessary once we mention the most effective country within the world, however, some folks can realize it very necessary. This can be the “Sex Ratio” of the country.

If we glance at the countries with a better range of females than males, “Nepal” tops the list. It has 119 females per 100 males. After this, “Curaçao”, “China”, “Hong Kong SAR”, “Latvia”, “Martinique”, “Guadeloupe”, “Lithuania”, “Ukraine”, “Russia” and, “Belarus” follow. Most of these are East European countries with a ratio of over one hundred fifteen females per hundred male in the country. [5]

Now, some individuals would think about the most effective countries to be those with a lot of males. Qatar tops that list with only 33 females for every 100 males. This list is followed by countries like UAE (44/100), Oman (51/100), Bahrain (56/100), Maldives (58/100), Kuwait (65/100) and, Saudi Arabia (74/100).

In the United States of America, We have 97 females for every 100 males.

6. Ease of Doing Business

Ease of Doing Business
Ease of Doing Business

The next criteria area unit the Ease of Doing Business. Within the 2019 ranking, New Zealand tops the list. After this, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, China, Denmark, South Korea, and the United States follow. Countries like Somalia, Eritrea, Venezuela, and Yemen are at the bottom of this list. [6] Investment in businesses in these countries would be a nasty plan.

7. Environmental Protection Index (EPI)

Environmental Protection Index
Environmental Protection Index

Next criteria area unit one amongst the foremost necessary in my opinion. it's the Environmental Protection Index (EPI). It measures a superfluity of things. however, we will place these factors into 2 main areas. the primary is “Environmental Health” that appearance at pollution, the convenience of fresh drinking water, level of sanitation amongst others. The second space is “Ecosystem Vitality”. This examines a country's biodiversity, forest cowl, and flora & fauna.

Switzerland topnotch this list. After this, France, Denmark, Malta, Sweden, and the United Kingdom follow. Here, the United States of America ranks 27 out of 180 countries. [7]

Moreover, if we have a tendency to solely contemplate the primary class - “Environmental Health” which has air quality, clean water, cleanliness, and sanitation the United States ranks 16 out of 180. EPI is released by Yale University and this data is the latest data (for 2018).

8. Inequality


The next criteria also are vitally important. It is “Inequality”. The divide between the poor and the rich of the country. It's measured within the GINI Index.
According to this, Slovak Republic tops the list- with the least amount of inequality. After this, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and Belgium follow. [8] These have the lowest inequality. The United States ranks at 34. The worst countries for inequality are South Africa and Costa Rica.

9. Happiness


Happiness is additionally a crucial criterion. And according to the World Happiness Report, that judges various factors to see however happy is that the average person of a country. Factors just like the freedom to make life choices, social support, generosity, life expectancy, and even Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are considered to create the report.

In the 2019 report, Finland tops the list. After this, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, and Austria follow. [9] The USA ranks 19 out of 156 countries.

10. World Education Rankings

World Education Rankings
World Education Rankings

The last criteria I will talk about is the “World Education Rankings” which test the typical education level of a child in an exceedingly country and their math, scientific and linguistic abilities 15-year-olds of various countries are tested in Reading, Math, and Science when that countries square measure ranked.

These rankings square measure is done by a corporation known as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). They ranked 80 countries. The list was topped by South Korea. Canada, Japan, and Russia follow. [10]

So which country is the best country in the world?

Now, according to me, this is not a straightforward selection. It depends. We have a tendency to got wind completely different criteria and it's one's own option to offer additional importance to at least one criterion over the opposite.

You can opt for HDI, Happiness or the other criteria because of the most significant criteria. And so, the best country is usually your own perspective. however, if we have a tendency to offer equal weight-age to all or any the ten barometers I discussed,

Norway is the best country!

And according to me, Happiness and HDI area unit the foremost necessary indicators to live a country.

This article inspired by Dhruv Rathee's video


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