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How To Start Your Own Blog On WordPress

WordPress Logo
WordPress Logo
If you looking for making a website or WordPress site, then first of all you need the following things in beginnings.
  • Domain Name (Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. For example, in the URL, the domain name is
  • Web Hosting (A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web)
Domain Name and Web Hosting both are highly require to start your website or blog in online. If you just bought the domain name, your task isn't done yet. Without web hosting, you can't store images, audio, video or documents in online.

Are you looking for start your website professionally for you or your company/band, then you've to bought your own domain name and web hosting. If you trying to start a blog or website for FREE, that not Owned by yourself or your company, then it will be unprofessional and you or you company will not be succeed. It's nothing else then waste your valuable times.

Where do I register a domain name and get web hosting?

Looking for register your own domain name and get web hosting? Then, I'll guide you how you can register your own domain name and get premium web hosting.

Remember: If, you order, something like domain and web hosting, then you will get discount on your order and I earn a commission. So, Order anything that you need to start your website or blog with discount and help WP Tech Blog to stay up and running for your help and guide.

I’ve most of the time use Bluehost as a web hosting and domain name registrar. If you want to get a free domain (for the first year) with your web hosting and also get discount on your web hosting order, then use the link.

Their hosting price starts from $2.75 per month and they're also offers a free domain name (for the first year) with their hosting packages-so, I think, you should check out their packages with this exciting discounts.

Did you know? They are one of the most popular and highest reliable hosting provider company among in the market, so they are expressly well-established and high secure enough to start host your website or blog, without any doubt.

If you've not yet register your own domain name and web hosting. I'll explain you, how you can register a domain name and order a web hosting. In fact, I'll guide you, how to order your new web hosting with free domain name (for first year only, you've to pay when you renew that domain after one year).

1. Go To Bluehost (or Any Other Web Hosting Provider)

Bonus Tip: When you, start using Bluehost with our recommendation link, you will get exciting discounts and offers. Click that to claim the discount offer.


2. Choose Perfect Hosting Plan For Your Website

First of all you need need to click on “Get Started”, then you will be processed to hosting plan page, where you can choose a perfect hosting plan that you like to.
  • Basic ($3.95 per month) 50% Discount
  • Plus ($5.95 per month) 45% Discount
  • Choice plus ($5.95 per month) 60% Discount
BlueHost Plans

What plan should you choose for your website?

If you, are newly to start a website or blog, then, choose “Basic” plan. It will be perfect in your low budget and newest and low traffic website or blog. I recommend you, to start your new and zero traffic website or blog with “Basic” plan. In fact, It's perfect for personal website or blogs.

If you've already a website or blog, that has huge number of traffic, and you want to migrate to another best hosting provider that better then your current hosting provider, then you should choose “Choice Plus” plan. This plan will be perfect for your website or blog. Even, It's very powerful web hosting plan for website with large number of traffic.

Remember: You can later upgrade or downgrade, as you need, no fees require.

3. Choose a Perfect Domain Name

No domain name you've purchased yet? Don't worry, I will explain you a easy way to choose and setup your new perfect domain name for free.

If you're starting a business company or brand, your domain name should be same with your company or brand name like For Example: Google's domain name Facebook's domain name In this case, your domain name will represent your company or brand name services and goods.

If you're thinking to start your personal website or blog, your domain name should be same with your name like In fact, your can promote yourself, to get hired online or offline for jobs or services that you want to provide. It's also helps to update about yourself to your fans and followers, and you can listing your personal domain to search engines like Google, to found your updates, when someone searching for you in online.

BlueHost Domain Register

For register new domain name, you just need to enter the domain name in new domain box in the left side of the page and press “next” button to continue. If domain name is already exist that you've entered then you can try with another name or select another domain extension.

Bonus Tip: Always try to start with .com, .net, or .org domain name for best value.

Free Domain Fact: If you can't decide the domain name to register, you can choose your free domain name later, and order web hosting without domain name. you just need to click “Choose Later!” link in the bottom of the page.

If you've already own a domain name and you don't want to get new domain name, then you just need to enter your old domain name in the box in the right side of the page called “i have a domain name” and press “next” button to continue.

4. Enter Your Account Account Information

You've to enter your common information to create a new account for web hosting or domain name services. In the “account information” section of the page named “create your account”, you just need to enter your first name, last name, country, street address, city, zip code, phone number, and email address.

BlueHost Create Your Account
So what about password? Don't worry after you successfully create your account, then you just need to verify your email address. Then, you will get a page to create your secret password for your this account.

Bonus Tip: You can easily signup and continue with Google account. Just click the “Sign in with Google” button in the top of the page.

Remember: Your account information will be secure and stored but, your password will be not stored and your personal information will be hidden.

5. Review Package Information

Afterwords, you entered your account information, you can review the packages you want to choose like account plan, price and more.

Easily select the length of your hosting registration and you’re like to go.
BlueHost Package Information
Pro Tip: You can also select your hosting plan for 36 or 60 months. This will help you to get huge discount and long term relax about hosting fee.

6. Enter Payment Information

After, you entered your account information and review your hosting packages. It's time to enter your payment information to paid for your web hosting services.
BlueHost Payment Information
Afterwords, you entered your payment information, you just need to mark the agreement tick box then click the “submit” button to continue.

7. Create Your Account Password

After your purchase was successful, you see a button named “Create your password”. You've to create a secure password for your account.
BlueHost Create Your Password
Remember: A verification mail will be send to your email address. You've to verify your email address by click on verification link.

All set your WordPress blog is ready to go!

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