Best Cheap Web Hosting Service Providers in 2020

Best Cheap Web Hosting in the year 2020. If you looking to build/create/make/start your own blog or a website or company site, then, first of all, you need a domain name and web hosting in beginnings. Here's we listed some of the Best Cheap Hosting that trusted and we recommended to you.

The Best Cheap Hosting Service Providers

The following Best Cheap Hosting Service Provides will help to start your online business journey at a very low-cost investment. As you know, low-cost investment in new online business is a very common tale. You've walked that road, now you want to know, how can you get Web Hosting service for your online brand/company at low-cost.

Because everyone wants to save his/her money and not to invest in unknown or unestablished projects or business. In fact, when it's about to start a new project or business without knowing about it will succeed or not, you don't want to spend a lot of. That's why this article will be very helpful to you to choose a perfect web hosting for your new project or business.

1. Bluehost: Highest Reliability ($2.75/month)

BlueHost - Best Cheap Web Hosting

Load time: 425ms (5th in speed)
Uptime: 99.99% (1st in uptime)
Cost: $2.75/month (3-year plan)
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~5min)
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One of the most popular web hosts, hosting more than 2,000,000 websites and blogs since 2003. Officially recommended by

2. HostGator Cloud: Best Cloud Hosting ($2.99/month)


Load time: 419ms (4th in speed)
Uptime: 99.97% (12th in uptime)
Cost: $2.99/month (1, 3 and 6-month plans)
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~3min)
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Founded in 2002, hosting 600,000+ websites. Most reliable web hosts by average uptime and load time on our test sites.

3. SiteGround: Best WordPress Host ($3.95/month)

SiteGround - Best Cheap Web Hosting

Load time: 714ms (12th in speed)
Uptime: 99.99% (2nd in uptime)
Cost: $3.95/month (1-year plan)
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~2min)
Claim SiteGround Discount is officially recommended by Founded in 2004, it hosts 800,000 websites worldwide. BBB Rating of “A”.

4. Hostinger: Best Cheap Hosting ($1.45/month)


Load time: 385ms (2nd in speed)
Uptime: 99.87% (25th in uptime)
Cost: $0.88/month (4-year plan)
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~2min)
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Hostinger was founded in November 2004, and they’ve become a web hosting powerhouse ever since. They’ve shot up to over 29 million clients in 178 countries.

5. Dreamhost: Good for Small Sites ($2.59/month)


Load time: 710ms (11th in speed)
Uptime: 99.95% (18th in uptime)
Cost: $2.59/month (3-year plan)
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~6 min)
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Founded way back in 1996 by a few undergrad students at Claremont College in California. And it’s well respected, bringing home PCMag’s ‘Best Web Hosting Service’ award for the second year in a row.

6. A2 Hosting: Fastest Shared Hosting ($3.92/month)

A2 Hosting - Best Cheap Web Hosting

Load time: 376ms (1st in speed)
Uptime: 99.91% (23rd in uptime)
Cost: $3.92/month (3-year plan)
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~8min) 
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Founded in 2002 (USA) and currently hosting 200,000+ websites. Fastest page load time among our WordPress test sites.

7. JustHost: Best Reliable Web Hosting ($3.95/month)


Load time: 789ms (15th in speed)
Uptime: 99.98% (7th in uptime)
Cost: $3.95/month (3-year plan)
SupportLive Chat (avg. response ~10min)
Claim JustHost Discount
Chris Phillips started Just Host back in 2002 in Glendale, California. Fast forward to 2012, and it was acquired by EIG.

Why Uptime and Load Time Matters

Uptime is very important because it means that your web hosting service is available. If your website is not available online then mostly this has a bad impact on your business. Customers cannot see your website so that you can also lose your business. You cannot send or get hold of emails. Maybe Google decides that your website is unreliable and this negatively affects your rating. Uptime and load time matter because they affect traffic, which in turn, most likely will affect your overall revenue.
Uptime is the measure of time that a server has remained up and run. This is generally recorded as a rate, as "99.9% uptime." Uptime is an incredible measure of how great a Web facilitating supplier is at keeping its frameworks up and running.
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