How to Start a Blog on Blogger (Beginner's Guide)

How to Start a Blog on Blogger (Beginner's Guide)
Start a Blog on Blogger
Hey Guys, What's Up? Today I Will Tell You About Blogger Creation, Design and Management. This Article Mostly Very Helpful For Beginner Bloggers Or Who Doesn't Started Blogging Yet. So Let's Get Started.

1. Visit Blogger Website

Blogger has an official website called You just visit from your Mobile or PC Device. You can also use Blogger App for started blogger or writing article on your Blog quickly.

2. Sign In with Google Account

Sign In with Google Account to use Blogger. Simply SIGN IN button in the top-right corner. Then fill up the Google Account Login Information and Complete the Sign In Process. It's Will Redirect You To Blogger, After You Successfully Signed with Google.

3. Confirm You Profile On Blogger

Confirm your profile on Blogger by review your Blogger profile Display Name in a form box on that page. Then click on Continue to Blogger button to complete this process.

4. Create New Blog

Create new Blog or Blogger site to started Blogging on Blogger. You just need to click on CREATE NEW BLOG button on that page. Type your Blog Title, Address and Select a Theme for your Blog. Then click on Create Blog button on that page.

You can face unavailability problem with Blog Address. You just need to type another Address. You can also Top level domain like .com, .net, .org for Blogger Blogs.
Your Blog was successfully created on Blogger. Now you can write blog post or article with your Blog or Blog site on Blogger.

5. Create New Post

As your blog site all set on Blogger. Now you can post new article on your blog on Blogger. Just click on New post button on Blogger signed page. Then type your Post title in the box and write your post/article on the other big box on that page.
Set up post settings (If needed)
In the post settings on that page, you will find following settings:
  1. Labels settings for that post. Label mean's post category or tags to find that post quickly on your blog or blog site.
  2. Schedule settings for that post. Schedule for change your post published date to future. You can set a date and time to be your published on that time.
  3. Permalink settings for that post. Permalink is the post link or url for thta post. You can change or update your post permalink as you want's.
  4. Location settings for that post. Location settings to proved a location about your post that your want's to targeted traffic or that content for the location like country, city or others.
  5. Options settings for your all posts. This settings will help you to write a great post as you want's.
Click on Done button to save the settings.

6. Save or Publish Your Post

If you finished writing an article or post, you can Publish it by click on Publish button in that page top-right corner. But, if you think that post need more information or you want to write more content on that post, so you can Save that post for future writing by click on Save button in that page top-right corner.

All set! I just provided the basic points about Blogger. If your have anything to ask me, just drop your comment on the comment box. And if you want to get more article about this kind of tips and tricks, don't forget to click on bookmark our website to get latest tips and tricks by me in future.

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