5 Easy Way To Increase Your Wi-Fi Speed for Free

5 Easy Way To Increase Your Wi-Fi Speed for Free
High Speed Wi-Fi
We also feel bored with the slow speed of the internet. If you want to use the internet in wi-fi connections, there are many times to appear but the speed is not at all. IE. Internet speed doesn't exist. However, this problem can easily be released! Let's go to know. How to accelerate wi-fi speed :-

1. Change the Router Location

If you want to increase the speed of wi-fi connection, you'll need to protect the router location or in the location. In many cases, the internet is very close to the internet inside the router. It shouldn't be at all. Once again, the router does not hold the position of the router. The reason why it is not possible to send and receive signal from Antenna. That's why the router should be put in such places, so that the router can send signals or receive signal.

2. Joining Advanced Antenna in Wireless Router

Many times change the router's position and the internet's speed is not developed or extended. He can change the antenna to increase performance in the field. If there is a lot of walls or many obstacles around the router, he can try to increase the performance of the router in front of External Antenna Router. Because the performance of the router will increase the power of internet.

3. Join Wireless Repeater

If you wish, you can take the help of a wireless repeater to increase the range of networks in the router. This router will work as a bridge bond between router and connected devices. At low prices, there will be a lot of good repeater in the market.

4. Stop Background Data Download

Many times can slow down the internet network speed for multiple jobs. The speed of the internet will be reduced if there are multiple tabs on the user's computer, tablet or phone background. You need to close the unnecessary applications or tabs to increase the speed of the internet in the field. Then see the internet's speed has increased so much from before. Apart from it, the router has been reduced by the router, and the router is working. If the router is restart, the speed works naturally.

5. Add an Advanced Quality Antenna in Wireless Devices (Oriented):

Some of the wireless devices may be able to achieve advanced speed by replacing advanced quality antenna. Of course it is a little difficult for smartphone or tablet, but easily to be able to use x horseshoe antenna in the case of laptop or desktop computer, it is possible to increase wi-fi sensitivity and range.

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