How to Get YouTube Red for Free Forever

How to Get YouTube Red for Free Forever
YouTube Red
Hi, Today I'm going to tell you, "How you can get YouTube Red for free?" and not just the trial. But I mean like permanently free.

YouTube Red is YouTube's premium service. You can see they have ads for it all over the place. Basically it gives you some exclusive shows.

If you go to you can kind of see what it's all about. You get some original shows. You get Google Play music. All sorts of that stuff.

But then it does cost money. It's like 10 bucks a month. So I mean I think it's worth it. But some people don't want to pay. So they just want it free.

So I guess that's who that video's for. So this should also work if you already have YouTube Red. But it doesn't really matter. Just- just how to get YouTube Red for free. It doesn't really matter.

So anyway, first let's let's see what we're working with that just made like a brand new Google account if we go to the settings. You know we can see it says account type says standard so it's not like it's YouTube Red or anything like that and then if we click on learn more. You know it does let you get the trial. But we don't really want the trial with this only for 30 days.

We want to get a free forever so I'm going to show you a trick that a friend of mine showed me and I i have no clue how he figured out he must have like special access or something. But it does work as you'll see. So first thing we're going to want to do is we're gonna have to go to the video the first announced you to Red okay! So that is called meet YouTube Red okay and then we want to find this one and click this k and then you can keep it going doesn't really matter ok.

This is where it kind of gets tricky you gotta do it exactly what I say it's not that difficult i'll put a link to this video description if you can't find it. Anyway the first thing we want to do is like the video that's the first step then because this is what they're looking at apparently. So then you want to go to share. So you click like so then the share thing comes up automatically that's why do that then you got to go to email. Click that and this is where we type in the code.

So you type in: Red Underscore Trial Underscore line Unlimited Ext. So this is says Red Trial unlimited extension that's what that stands for. Okay? Makes sense? Yeah, okay.

So then we go at so basically this is the- I don't know what this is the code or whatever it's a unlimited extension on the trial basically. Anyway so this is probably just for developers or email testing out anything like that and then for message I don't know. You can just type anything you want. Make this YouTube Red.

It doesn't really matter. Then you can just click Send Email. So that's basically where it- now we have to be patient because that's going to do something on the back-end that sends a request okay to give you Red without paying. But you have to wait okay you gotta wait for the confirmation message where it's going to give you the special access code. So I'm going to skip until I receive it
and then I'll show you where to find it. But it's it's probably gonna take a couple hours to show up but apparently that's what it does.

So then I'll show you where to do that. You just gotta be patient so we'll come back in a bit all right so it finally showed up. I checked it became an hour ago apparently anyway this is what it looks like okay it's from YouTube we got the check mark so it's legit and then here it says just automated message. I guess it was sent automatically YouTube Red developer code official use only and then here's the code so clearly this is meant for like developers and software engineers obviously is not official method so don't go thinking this is some kind of promotion or something they could possibly stop at any time because if they figure it out hopefully they won't anyway.

So now we have the special access code we're good to go just copy that obviously come on and then now we can go to the settings page and obviously you can see let me tell you, we don't actually have YouTube red yet they just sent the code makes sense ok! So now what we want to do we have got
redeem the code obviously come on so we go to Because YouTube Red Google Play you know they're they're tied together I see you go here you go to redeem then here's where we type it in.

We click and then we click redeem and then now you can see says code redeem success so obviously it worked now we can close that out we can go back here and we can just refresh and see if it worked alright so now obviously it says YouTube Red. We have obviously changed it worked. It says YouTube Red up here and then we got YouTube Red now and before it said learn more. Now it says manage when we click that and see what happens and then now it says look YouTube Red price 0.00 a month next billing date.

I guess obviously that's like a placeholder. So it will never expire and then build by and then just says internal discount there's there's no billing at all. So yeah we got this we tricked it into giving this discount probably shouldn't- shouldn't be allowed to have it but whatever it's free for YouTube Red I don't care about Google so I want the free money. So there you have it you know it worked and and we're all good and that's all you got to do you got the
free YouTube Red.

Thanks for reading!

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