How to Add Facebook Like Button In Blogger

How to Add Facebook Like Button In Blogger
Add Facebook Like Button In Blogger
Facebook Like Button on Blogger Posts. Hey Guys, Today I Will Explain You About Facebook Like Button For Blogger ( sites. If you want to add a like button on your blogspot blog or site, then this article will be very useful to you. You just need to follow few simple steps to done this task as well. I Will Explain You In Details. So let's get started.

Creating a Facebook Like Button

First of all you need to create a FB Like button for your blogger or blogspot site. You just goto with your browser to create a button.

Now, Scroll down to "Like Button Configurator" section. Then, Enter your blog's address into the "URL to Like" box and enter your desired plugin width (recommended: 450 px) into the "Width" box. All other information keep as default (if you don't want to change more things with the like button). Afterwords, just click on "Get Code" button. Now you'll see two boxes containing HTML code you must paste into different areas of Blogger. Be sure you've copied that like button code.

Adding the Code to Your Theme

To add the like button code in to your blogger site. You need to go to and Sign In into your blogger account. Then Click on Theme option that you will found in left-side of the screen on that page. Before you start using this code on your blogger site, i highly recommended to Backup your blogger site Theme for safety. You can backup your blogger theme in theme settings, example Theme > Backup / Restore (button) > Download theme (button).

Just click on "Edit HTML" button to edit blogger theme code. Now Paste the like button code into your Blogger HTML code. The code must be pasted after the line that begins with <body, preferably on the very next line. Be sure you've Replaced every "&" in the pasted like button code with "&amp;".
For example:
Now click on "Save Theme" button save the changed you made in your blogger theme code. That's All Set check you blogger site that button working as well.

Adding Facebook Like Button to Blogger Layout

I already explained about using like button by paste code in blogger theme code. But, you don't want to follow that steps and want's to use like button to be show in blogger layout, you need to paste the like button code in blogger layout. To do it you need to go Layout > Add a Gadget option in the layout sections > HTML/JavaScript option in list > Paste the copied like button code into the "Content" box > Save (button) under the content box > Save Arrangement (button) in the top-right side in your screen on that page.

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