7 Common Things About Adsense Need To Know Bengali Blogger

7 Common Things About Adsense Need To Know Bengali Blogger
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Hey, Whats Up Guys? Today I Will Tell You 7 Common Things About Adsense Need To Know Bengali Blogger. So Let’s Get Started. On Adsense is now support on the bengali blog. So many are questioning about How to get Adsense for their Bangla Blog. These are the answer to some common questions about Adsense for Bangla Blog.

Question 1: How many posts do you need to do in Bangla blog?

It does not have some mention in the principle of Adsense. However, 40–50 post are the best. However, more important than the numbers. So post informative.

Question 2: How many days should be the age of site?

It’s better than 6 months when adding content to the blog. Good post in this 6 month. Though many of them have got adsense in the bangla blog. But if they don’t have enough post and visitor, if you don’t have a post and visitor, then adsense will not be

Question 3: How much do you need to be the ward number per post?

There are no other rules. However, you will try to keep over 250 word. But, It’s Better to keep over 300 words, because it also helps to improve your post for on page SEO.

Question 4: I have youtube adsense, How do I use it on my blog?

You need to upgrade accounts to use in the blog. To upgrade account, you will give blogs, then it will be seven in the code blog.

Question 5: How many days it take to review adsense application?

I did not review the adsense for 10 days after being submitted? Typically, it takes 1 DAYS TO 3 months. It depends on the traffic and kuẏāliṭura of the blog. 10 days or more, even if the adsense review did not get any email from the adsense, please check out the blog code where you have to visit the page and see the code okay. 1 more months wait if it’s all right.

Question 6: Use any theme on the blog site for adsense?

Responsible and mobile friendly can use any theme. I don’t need to say for this. I hope you know responsible and mobile friendly theme also help to improve your SEO experience for better ranking on Search Engine.

Question 7: How many content will it be better to apply for adsense?

Each content in my blog is unique and 500 + words. If the post is units and if the visitor is 500 + then you can apply for the Adsense. Pay attention to the visitors on the blog when the content is 30-40.

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